Global Partners

Linking Technology and Trust Through Our Global Network

Aiming to further develop and expand the technology and trust that we have heretofore set up, we are introducing and furnishing a variety of technologies to countries worldwide. 

In Europe, we entered into technical collaboration agreements with Autoneum Holding AG (formerly Rieter Holding AG / Matec Holding AG), a leading manufacturer of soundproofing material corporations which we keep long-lasting partnership with.  In the USA, we formed a joint venture and entered into technical assistance agreements to build up a system for production and sales of automotive products. 

In China and ASEAN countries, we are promoting diverse activities offering license agreements and establishing joint ventures with local corporations. Our staffs participate in the operation of local joint ventures to solidify the base for deeper networks. 

Looking ahead, we will continue to employ this global perspective, directing our sights into the future as we broaden our network of reliable technology.



NITTOKU's Partners in the World


Partners of Automotive Products Division

UGN Downers Grove.jpg
UGN, Inc.
Head Office in Illinois State

UGN, Inc.(バルポライゾ工場/インディアナ州)

UGN, Inc.
Valparaiso Plant in Indiana State

UGN, Inc.(ジャクソン工場/テネシー州)

UGN, Inc.
Jackson Plant in Tennessee State

UGN, Inc.(サマセット工場/ケンタッキー州)

UGN, Inc.
Somerset Plant in Kentucky State


天津日特固防音配件有限公司(Tianjin Autoneum Nittoku Sound-Proof Co., Ltd.)

UGN, Inc.(モンロー工場/オハイオ州)

UGN, Inc.
Monroe Plant in Ohio State

UGN, Inc.(メキシコ工場/メキシコ)

UGN, Inc.
Mexico Plant in Mexico


武漢日特固防音配件有限公司(Wuhan Nittoku  Autoneum Sound-Proof Co., Ltd.)


日特固(広州)防音配件有限公司(Autoneum Nittoku (Guangzhou) Automotive Sound-Proof Co., Ltd.)


竹昌橡膠股价有限公司(Chu Chang Rubber Co., Ltd.)

Autoneum Nittoku Sound Proof Product

Autoneum Nittoku Sound Proof Products
India Pvt. Ltd.

SRN Sound Proof Co., Ltd.

SRN Sound Proof Co., Ltd.

P.T. Tuffindo Nittoku Autoneum

P.T. Tuffindo Nittoku Autoneum