Paints & Coatings

Color Soaring into the Skies and on into Aerospace

Color Soaring into the Skies and on into Aerospace

Nittoku technologies are also used in the aviation industry. Our specialized high-performance paints protect aircrafts from the harsh flight environment - dramatic temperature changes, powerful UV radiation, high force wind pressure and friction - to keep its appearance. For developing specialized paints with such performances, we are constantly engaged in extensive research and testing in various fields such as chemistry, thermotics and optics.

The spirit of ingenuity handed down through over 90 years of research in the field of specialized paints has finally created the SKY-HULLO with its formidable, tough coating film. Now aircrafts are coated in various colors with this product, soaring into the skies and way beyond in deep aerospace.

Responding to Diverse Needs

Requirements of paints and coatings vary extensively depending on condition of the application area. For example, exterior wall paints have to be sufficiently weather-resistant to withstand seasonal changes, while coatings for roof must have excellent thermal- insulation. To enable us to serve a full range of customer needs, we are actively engaged in research and development of paints having a variety of applications, including a photocatalytic function.

Also, our soundproof technology developed in the field of automotive products has been applied to various fields and utilized in many scenes of our daily life including the soundproofing for housing, school, music hall and the noise abatement measures for factories of all types. While our soundproof materials are used for trains including those of Japan Railways, home appliance and office equipment, our soundproof technology has been extended to every aspect of our life.

At the root of our thorough research system and diverse product development efforts, there is always the goal of creating safer and better living environments.