Automotive Products

Pursuing the Thorough Investigation of Acoustics

The world of sound is a complex one. To our minds, the first step in creating an acoustically pleasant environment is the suppression and elimination of unpleasant and unnecessary sounds. Our quest to create acoustically pleasant environments began with an investigation of this world of sound, and we have since conducted extensive acoustic research. Moreover, we have also developed a technology to transform unpleasant, unnecessary noise into ear-pleasing sounds.

Our research and development activities are based at our R&D Center. Utilizing fully these state-of-the-art facilities which include test benches, acoustical laboratories, and computers for simulation analysis, we are seeking to master the world of sound. Our efforts have borne fruit in the form of a diverse range of soundproofing materials suitable for many uses, including automobiles, trains, household appliances and buildings.

Providing Comfort for Drivers and Passengers

Nittoku has been working to improve soundproofing technology since we developed first NITTOKU-UNDERSEAL (automotive soundproofing and rust-proof coating) in 1953. By making the car interior a quieter space, we have made it a far more pleasant one.

To make an automobile quiet, soundproofing materials must be placed efficiently and appropriately. In a truly quiet car, damping materials reduce noise caused by vibration, noise-absorbing materials mute echoes, and sound-insulating materials reduce sound oscillation. Each of these components must be carefully positioned for optimal effect. Using our sophisticated soundproofing technology and products, we have pioneered a wide range of systematic noise controls, including techniques for neutralizing noise and developing soundproofing designs tailored to different car models. The end result: a more pleasant automotive experience.

Nittoku has also cultivated technologies to improve safety of vehicles further more. Examples include anti-chipping coatings which prevent chipping damage, anti-salt coatings which resist the damage caused by rock salt on winter roads, and sealants which prevent leakage of water. Through research and development of anticorrosive coatings and sealants which have the said functions, Nittoku has been serving for protection of vehicles and people.

Our unsurpassed soundproofing products and precise methods of using these products in combination with each other have inspired the concept of “comfort on the move”. To turn this concept into a reality, we have brought together the finest elements of our accumulated soundproofing technology.

Automotive Products

Anti-corrosive coatings

Since the development of soundproofing and rust-proof coating for automobiles in 1953, Nittoku has played an important role in enhancing vehicle safety. Anti-corrosion technology, applied mainly on under floors and fenders, serves to increase the durability of vehicles.

This technology has been favorably accepted in buildings, houses and structures, as well.